- Magazine Feature: October 9th, 2013

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Exclusive Magazine Feature - Asia Deluxe

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Asia Deluxe

Desoto, TX



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October 21, 2013

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How did you get into modeling and how long have you been modeling?

My parents started me out modeling at an early age.

What are your modeling goals or what you seek to accomplish while modeling?

My goal as a model is to become successful working modeling in the industry. I don't want to just stop at modeling, I would like to explore of the avenues in the entertainment industry as well. I would love to become one of the known socialites and models of the industry.

What has been your biggest gig so far?

My biggest gig so far has been my spread in Undiscovered Magazine and I'm in the process of working on some other publications.

What is your dream modeling/acting gig?

My dream modeling gig is to become one of the leading industry's commercial and urban model. My dream acting gig is to become an actress in major films.

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What are your favorite modeling areas?

My favorite modeling areas are commercial, print, fitness, swimsuit, lingerie, and glamour.

Your favorite photographers you have worked with?

My favorite photographer that I have worked with so far has been Ron J Photography out of Houston, TX.

Your favorite quotes?

"We are what repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit..."

What do you bring to the table as a model? In other words, what can companies agencies/photographers expect when working with you?

As a model, I don't just bring a pretty face and body. I am very intelligent, outgoing, and easy to work with. I come with ideas and concepts to shoot and try to capture pictures that haven't been captured before. I'm a hard worker and will keep up a good work ethic.

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