- Magazine Feature: Saturday July 13th, 2013 Exclusive Magazine Feature - Jasmine Conley

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Jasmine Conley

Nashville, TN


34", 28", 38"

Zodiac Sign:

How did you get into modeling and how long have you been modeling?

My dad was a photographer part time when I was growing up and I fell in love with the camera. That was around age 10. I got my first paid modeling gig at age 16.

What are your modeling goals or what you seek to accomplish while modeling?

I hope to be able to dedicate enough time in the gym to be a professional fitness model. I love working out & I already have an athletic build.

What has been your biggest gig so far?

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I played the lead role in a music video that has over 250,000 views on YouTube.

What is your dream modeling/acting gig?

To model for Nike!

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What are your favorite modeling areas?

I love all areas but glamour and fitness are my favorites.

Your favorite photographers you have worked with?

SPADE of & Nedari

Your favorite quotes?

"Find an opportunity to learn from every failure"

What do you bring to the table as a model? In other words, what can companies agencies/photographers expect when working with you?

I'm very professional, but I also know how to have to fun so I'm a pleasure to work with. I'm creative and outgoing. I also take direction well.

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