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fort Lauderdale, Fl


Waist:25 Hips:36 Bust:32

Zodiac Sign:

How did you get into modeling and how long have you been modeling?

I began modeling when I was ten years old and started entering pageants and fashion shows since then.

What are your modeling goals or what you seek to accomplish while modeling?

I anticipate working in the modeling industry in order to obtain more professional experience and maxamize my leadership, comminication and social skills.

What has been your biggest gig so far?

My biggest modeling opportunity was the Miss Jamaica Florida pageant which I entered back in 2010.

What is your dream modeling/acting gig?

I dream to be in a renowned charity fashion show with an aim to provide relief to suffering communities and individuals.

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What are your favorite modeling areas?

When it comes to modeling fahion and glamour are my favorite sectors.

Your favorite photographers you have worked with?

I have worked with a few photographers, but my favorite would have to be Spade from HotShotsFXMedia.

List 3 interesting fun facts about you?

I would like to be a federal US agent on either the FBI, CIA or Secret Service.
My favorite foods are cereal and granola bars.
My best three mile time(5K) is 23:06.

Your favorite quotes?

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."
"Stop trying to fit in when you were born to stand out."
"In the end it's not the years in your life that count, but it's the life in your years."

What do you bring to the table as a model? In other words, what can companies agencies/photographers expect when working with you?

Agencies and photographers would expect enthusiasm, creativity and professionalism, without compromising my personality or values.

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