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To Know Me is to Love Me!

Its movie night. Redbox of Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain. Check. Bottle of your favorite wine chilled in the freezer. Check. Chicken Alfredo skillet meal sizzling. Check. A lover to cozy up with…forgot that one…

If you felt the light bulb dim just a smidge, you aren’t alone. Sure that DJ in the club yells in the mike “All my single ladies make some noise!!!” and it makes you proud for a moment to live that life. Then, in the next instant you’re watching a couple cozy up in the corner at the bar. The man, wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her closer. Her arms wrapped around his neck. If you are looking for love, you know, that “Brown Sugar”, “Love and Basketball”, “Act like a Lady, Think like a Man” type ending…well you aren’t alone.

So to kick off the Love segment I think the best place to start is with Self Love. Love YOU! Fall in love with yourself. Your qualities, attributes, strengths…and accept your weaknesses. I want to give you tips, Ladies and Gentlemen, on how to start or continue your journey on the road to falling in love with YOURSELF.

Falling in love with yourself is falling in love with your health!

Now I know maybe you’re saying you are healthy, especially if you’re in the industry and it’s a part of what you’re paid to focus on. But are you really? Pay attention to family background. Any heart disease, cancer or diabetes in the lineage? Learn to love the art of prevention. And to those who deal with perhaps depression or stress (I’ve dealt with both) work on methods to prevent or minimize those things. Get a journal to write it all out, walk in the park, go to the beach or get a massage. Just FIX IT. Maybe you’re tired all the time or maybe you have some fitness goals you haven’t found the willpower to commit to. If you can’t commit to yourself, who will? I am extremely deficient in vitamin D. So for the last month or so I finally committed in taking supplements. I had to give myself a pep talk to work on getting healthier. And doing a few squats (a girl’s assets need to look good!).

Get your Rachel Ray on!

So I don’t like to cook. Matter of fact I put on my prayer list for a man that loves to cook (don’t judge me). Yet and still I made a commitment to cook more this month and no, I don’t count scrambled eggs! Develop your skill. Now if you are a self proclaimed chef, switch it up! Cook low fat or Mexican. Eat Mediterranean all this month. Re-create soul food or go Cuban! Try some wines while you’re at it. Mix it up and create a spritzer or low fat cocktails.

Live Outside the Box!

Make yourself interesting! Grab a hobby. Take a class. Don’t wait for someone to come along you can do these things with, rather get a head start. Join a book club, go to a museum, or go for a 5K Mud Run….or not if that’s not your thing. Men, drop the X Box and the dollars for the strippers and do something different! My point is to develop you even further. You don’t have to do this all alone to prove you can spend time with yourself. Grab a sibling, a girlfriend or guy friend, a niece or nephew and add to your life! Grab a Living Social or Groupon deal for something totally different. They have all sorts of things from wine tastings to indoor rock climbing to festivals to short trips or things you never knew your city had. I recently went to Art Walk in Downtown Miami where there are craft beers and paintings on concrete walls down every single block. Live bands, food trucks and the like. I felt more cultured just being there!

Accept the things you cannot change!

You can’t change the past. Heartbreaks. Parent not being around. Every ounce of cellulite…that one was for me. Love who YOU are. Learn to love your body where you are. Your hair and not just the hair you bought. Love your fingernails and that mole on your left arm just below your elbow. It builds character. Look at yourself naked. Often. With amazement! Run a bath or have candles and aromatherapy in the shower and connect with your flesh (if anything more happens, don’t blame me!).

Searching or looking for love does start with you. You are pretty friggin awesome! Add to your resume so that when someone does come along with that bottle of wine, you will have something more to talk about than just Kevin Hart.

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