M D P Models - Magazine Feature: December 2nd, 2013

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Austin, TX




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How did you get into modeling and how long have you been modeling?

I got into modeling when I was 18. I moved to Dallas, TX with a friend of mine and she introduced me to the world. I got on Model Mayhem and I've been doing it off and on ever since.

What are your modeling goals or what you seek to accomplish while modeling?

My ultimate goals are to become a brand and a household name like Tyra Banks. I truly admire her and I want to be an example to my 2 children.

What has been your biggest gig so far?

The biggest gig that I've had so far was working for the Formula 1 Racing in Austin, TX working for Ferrari.

What is your dream modeling/acting gig?

My dream gig would be to be a spokesperson for Jadore Dior or to work for a major blue jeans add like True Religion or Levi's.

What are your favorite modeling areas?

I have really enjoyed doing fashion and swimsuit. I know that I can do lingerie well I have the sex appeal but I'd rather be a little more clothed.

Your favorite photographers you have worked with?

Darryl Briggs #23861, Time Johnson #102468, Generic Photography #49753, Thatcher Photography #432607, and Model with Michael #2762844. All of these guys are on www.modelmayhem.com

Your favorite quotes?

"A diamond can't shine with a shadow over it."

What do you bring to the table as a model? In other words, what can companies agencies/photographers expect when working with you?

One thing that agencies/photographers can expect from me is that I am strictly professional and I can give them what they need. As well as my being a single mother I know how to juggle different things as well as learn different things so I am a quick learner and you won't have to tell me to do something twice.

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